(08) 8309 3500 or 1800 882 328 (Toll Free)


Student in the LibraryThe Marden Education Centre Library is a great resource to use at Open Access College. Visit the library for your information, research and recreational needs.

Phone or email the library for assistance and to have resources sent to you.

Phone: 08 8309 3620 or 08 8309 3640 or 1800 882 328 and ask for the Library

Opening times:
Monday 8.30am-3.45pm
Tuesday 8.30am-3.45pm
Wednesday 8.30am-8.00pm
Thursday 8.30am-3.45pm
Friday 8.30am-3.30pm

We can send you:

  • Books: Fiction, non fiction, picture books, some e-books, Readers etc
  • DVDs
  • Magazines
  • Audio CDs
  • CDROMs
  • Equipment eg cameras, voice recorders
  • Games
  • Information and other resources to assist with your subjects.

We can also help with:

  • Information to help you use resources available from the OAC website
  • Internet links to use
  • Information to assist you with assignments
  • Ideas for reading
  • Post bags and Reply Paid slips
  • Queries about items from Resource Unit.

Visit the Library Catalogue here:



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