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Year 7

Students in the Middle Years are provided with integrated, purposeful and relevant learning.

The essential elements of the Middle Years program are:

  • starting from the students' prior knowledge
  • learning to learn, learning to think
  • collaborative team approach – teachers and students
  • stronger focus on relationships between students and teachers
  • cross-curricular, interdisciplinary and integrated learning approaches
  • authentic assessment, product orientated learning, exhibitions of learning, real life contexts

Students undertake Progressive Assessment Tests (PAT) each year and achieve goals based around their Negotiated Learning Plans.

The Year 7 curriculum is organized into Central Studies, Languages and Electives.

Central Studies

Powerful learning integrates experience, emotions, imagination, information and application. Central Studies at Year 7 integrates the learning of Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities and Health in meaningful and purposeful learning for all students. Students also develop specific essential skills through rehearsal and consolidation.


Language study is compulsory in year 7.
Students can choose from the following languages:

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Language class availability is subject to enrolment numbers.


Full time students in year 7 and 8 are required to do Central Studies, a language plus 1 semester of The Arts and 1 semester of Technology per year.

Music is an art elective.

Students who choose Music choose both semester 1 and semester 2 (these students will be doing an extra elective unit). Music is chosen at either Year 7 or Year 8.


Year 7 Electives 2018
  Semester 1 Semester 2
The Arts Art: Fur, Feathers & Photography (Digital Media) Art: Mixing it up
Music (Band 7/8)
Technologies Design & Technology: Food and Fibre Journey Design & Technology: Things that move – Mechanisms
Digital Technology Digital Technology (repeated)