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Desalination Plant Excursion

25 October 2017

On Friday September 15th, a group of Year 9 Central Studies students visited the Adelaide Desalination Plant as part of our integrated unit on Sustainability. We learned about the different steps the water takes from the sea to being clean enough to drink. We then hopped onto a bus which took us around the site to show us the different areas of the plant and what they are used for, from the huge storage tanks, to viewing the pumps that put water under extreme pressure to get through the ultra-filtration and reverse-osmosis pipes. The area was fully landscaped using native plant species. The day ended with a presentation and some fun facts: 

-The Adelaide Desalination Plant can produce enough water to serve a family of 6 for an entire year in about 1 minute.
-It takes about 3 and a half minutes for the water to enter the system, be completely treated, and ready to drink. This was much faster than we thought! 

Here are reflections from some of the students:
The thing I found most surprising and most interesting was at the desalination plant I learnt that they had to return the salt left from the water taken originally by shooting it into the ocean through a pipe at a fast speed to ensure that the more concentrated salt water doesn't sink and gets absorbed into the ocean.
Talia .

The excursion to the desalination plant was quite eye-opening. I never realised how much water everyday items need to arrive in the shops. It was fun to see familiar faces, making friends and learning new things. 
Victoria .

It was extremely interesting to learn how the Desalination Plant functions, and how it can produce such large quantities of purified water. My favorite part of the tour was learning about the way the salt was removed from the water through reverse osmosis.
Nathan .

The Excursion was pretty interesting, I learned about how long it takes to desalinate salt from water. I also learned about what they use, one of the parts is a membrane and how they release the salt back into the water with duck billed releases.
Kaleb .

Thanks to Marshall Fitzpatrick and Paul Hennessy for their support with the event.

Krista Schuurmans
Central Studies Teacher

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