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Languages Come in Day - Term 3

26 October 2017

On 14th September, language students from R-10 came to OAC to learn about festivals and celebrations around the world.

The morning performance allowed students to learn about the regional Deer Dance from Northern Japan and have a go themselves. For the first time, students who weren’t able to attend on the day could watch this via WebEx.

Students learned about Japan’s Moon Viewing Festival by making dango (sweet dumplings) and learning about the traditional story, “The rabbit on the moon.” They also learned about the Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival; making beautiful sakura painted artwork and delicious sakura biscuits!

Students also learned about French regional festivals, by engaging in a sensory experience! They learned about the Lemon Festival. Mexico’s Cinco De Mayo was explored, too, and students could choose between an exciting range of craft actives like making mini pinatas, Capirucho/Bolina or Ojo de Dios.

“I really enjoyed the day. It was fun to participate in all the activities and I definitely learnt more about Japanese culture than I thought I would.” Parisa.

Casey Hall

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