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OzAsia Festival Moon Lantern Parade

25 October 2017

Elizabeth East Primary School students learn Chinese with Open Access College as part of the Language Partnership Program (LPP). These students participated in the 2017 OzAsia Festival Moon Lantern Parade.

Students carried handmade lanterns at the parade held on Sunday 1st October, 2017 in Elder Park. Principal Lillian Murphy of Elizabeth East Primary School remarked, “I hope I can convey in words the magic created for our community through their participation”.

The school group included 17 students accompanied by mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and many family friends.  Principal Murphy reflected on the excitement of the students throughout the event:

The lantern group assembled, not quite knowing what to expect, and the message came across loud and clear - the festival was at capacity and crowds were lining the streets. Even as an adult I could not know what lay ahead once darkness fell and the parade would begin. The lights in the students’ lanterns were turned on and we joined in the parade that moved ever so slowly across the assembly point, across King William Street and into Elder Park.

“Thousands lined the streets. Elizabeth East Primary School and community were part of the centre stage!  Entering the Festival area drew gasps from all of us.  We had entered a world of visual and audio magic.  All of us were in awe…and so proud to be part of this.  To see the student faces as we moved through the parade, and see the student reactions as Elizabeth East Primary School was announced in the commentary was priceless.  It was like a wonderland of lanterns, music and people”.

Elizabeth East Primary School hope to incorporate the Moon Lantern Parade into their annual calendar from 2018.

Priscilla Corbel

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