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Sue Johnston Honoured with Inaugural Award

25 October 2017

Sue Johnston, our school library manager,
has won the Inaugural Award for Fellowship of the Australian School Library Association. This award is presented to members in recognition of outstanding, sustained voluntary contribution to school libraries at the national level. The Awardee will have demonstrated significant professional knowledge and skills and a substantial, sustained degree of leadership at the national level.

This award furthers the objectives of the Association: 

  • to promote an understanding of the aims, needs and educational significance of school library resource services and teacher librarianship;
  • to establish, review and maintain national standards and guidelines for school library resource services;
  • to be a national authority in the field of school library resource services and teacher librarianship;
  • to develop, write and publish materials which will promote the development of school library resource services and teacher librarianship.

Sue, who recently completed her term-of-office on the ASLA Board and is the Secretary of the South Australian (SLASA) association is the first deserving recipient of the FASLA award. Sue has been a Teacher Librarian and a member of ASLA for approximately 35 years and a driving force behind the association. Her contributions to professional learning at both the state and national level have been invaluable and are evidence of her dedication and commitment in this area.

Congratulations Sue on receiving this well-deserved award. It’s quite an honour to be the first recipient.

Julie Taylor

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