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Curriculum Choice

As Curriculum Choice enrolments, your students can access a broad range of Australian Curriculum, SACE and VET learning options by enrolling in subjects with Open Access College.

Curriculum Choice enrolments for individuals and small groups fill the gap when you are unable to provide students with the subjects they need, for example when subjects are not offered at your school, or a student’s selected subjects clash on their timetable at your school.

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Whole class groups can be negotiated and in some instances this may include face-to-face teaching on your site. 

Please note there are fees associated with Curriculum Choice enrolments. Please see Fees and Charges.


The Enrolment Process

Curriculum Choice Enrolment Assistance (Pdf)

1. Subject Selection

For individual students, schools must counsel the students for appropriate subject selection at Open Access College. Please use the Curriculum tab on the OAC website to confirm the subjects that are currently offered.

2. Register to use online enrolment form

Schools must first register to use this online form. All school information entered on this registration will automatically appear on all future student enrolments. Register here.

3. Complete online enrolment form

The online enrolment form is active during Enrolment Dates

Enrolment Form


VET enrolments

The Unique Student Identifier (USI)

VET enrolments require a USI (Unique Student Identifier).  Students will need to create this online.  A USI can be created at the USI website: https://www.usi.gov.au/students

More information about the USI

USI Privacy Statement

A USI privacy statement will need to be completed and signed by the student. VET enrolments can not be processed until Open Access College receives the USI privacy form. Please email the completed form to Client Services: clientservices@openaccess.edu.au.

Download USI Privacy Notice (Pdf)

Further queries can be directed to clientservices@openaccess.edu.au or 8309 3680.


Page updated 31 October 2017